Flour Power: Baking with Almond Flour

Bear Claws

We’re giving almond flour a starring role in everything from tarts to cake to bear claws—oh my! Almond flour brings subtle nuance and complex flavor to baked goods. We added it to a few of our favorite things—including a marzipan-filled peach cake, a crispy double-crusted plum pie, and a juicy pineapple Brown Betty—to give them a nutty boost.

  1. Bear Claws

Originating in the United States in the mid-1920s, these flaky puff pastries get their name from the oversized claw-like shape. As the dough rises, the sections separate, creating the “claws,” which conceal a homemade, almond flour-based marzipan filling.

2. Pineapple Browned Betty 

We took the classic Brown Betty on a tropical vacation, and packed it with pineapple, passion fruit, and lime. Shredded coconut, sourdough bread crumbs, and almond meal create textural contrast between the bread and the soft fruit. 

Peach Almond Cake

3. Peach Almond Cake 

Fresh, juicy peach halves give this vanilla and buttermilk Peach Almond Cake bursts of color and concentrated sweet-tart flavor, while the addition of brandy to the homemade marzipan lends just the right amount of kick.

4. Blueberry-Almond Galettes

Almond flour is finer than standard all-purpose. It absorbs more moisture from the dough, giving the buttermilk crusts of these Blueberry-Almond Galettes added crispness. A hint of tart lemon zest balances out the sweetness of the blueberries.

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