Flour Power: Baking with Almond Flour

5. French Apple-Almond Cake 

From the dense, custardy bottom to the crisp top layer, almond flour amplifies the textures that are characteristic of this classic French Apple-Almond Cake. Additional egg yolks in the cake’s base also boost its custard-like consistency.

Photography by Matt Armendariz / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Marian Cooper Cairns

6. Almond-Browned Butter Plum Pie 

If you are a crust addict, this Almond-Browned Butter Plum Pie is your dream come true. We added super-fine almond flour to the dough for subtle crunch—the perfect contrast to the juicy, sugared plum slices inside.

Apricot Frangipane Tart

7. Apricot Frangipane Tart 

We love the extra crunchy texture almond flour lends to this not-too-sweet dessert’s crust. Smooth frangipane, an almond pastry cream, adds another nutty element, and is a great base for the fresh, juicy apricots in both taste and texture.  

Baking for a crowd

8. Rhubarb and Almond Tart 

If there were a tart that embodied springtime, this would be it. The addition of rhubarb to this delicate pastry’s nutty filling energizes a classic—and that chevron lattice isn’t too shabby either.

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