Grate Expectations: Three Ways to Grind Nutmeg

Three Ways to Grind Nutmeg cream surface various nutmeg options

Nutmeg: the spice that launched a thousand ships, expeditions, and trade wars. It also happens to be the celebrated key ingredient to our merriest of holiday sweets. As soon as you open the spice jar or begin grating delicate shavings from the seed, the warm aroma immediately transports you to cozy evenings by the fireplace sipping a spice-dusted cup of eggnog. Here are three ways to grind nutmeg (and the best tools for the job).

Nutmeg Mill.Depending on the brand you get (we chose the venerable French brand Peugeot), the mill will produce fine shavings of fresh nutmeg with either a crank handle or turn top. We like that Peugeot’s handsome mill pulls double duty as both a grinder and an airtight container to store loose nutmeg.

We Like: Peugeot Ternate Nutmeg Mill, $40.54

Nutmeg Grater. Normally curved outward into an arc with a small-hole grater, this tool is easy to use and produces perfectly grated nutmeg. Be careful when grating, though—the grates are sharp, so slips can prove painful.

We Like: HIC Nutmeg Grater, $6.05

Microplane. Chances are you already have a Microplane in your kitchen and use it for a number of tasks, from zesting lemons to mincing garlic. This can also finely grate nutmeg; just make sure that it’s scrupulously clean before using it for this spicy task.

We Like: Microplane Soft-Handle Zest Grater, 12″, $14.95

To learn more about nutmeg, pick up a copy of our November/December 2018 issue.

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