Ken Forkish’s Guide to The Best Mozzarella For Your Pizza

Photography by Alan Weiner / Food Styling by Andrea Slonecker

A Mozzarella Cheese Primer- Not all mozzarella is created equal. For better pies, go with premium cheese. Here’s what pizza guru, Ken Forkish recommends but for more helpful tips and delicious pizza recipes, grab our 2018 July/August Issue, here

Fior di latte or mozzarella di bufala: This is the fresh mozzarella that comes in brine. The trick is to add it to the pizza halfway through the bake. Otherwise, you’ll end up with over baked cheese with a slightly rubbery texture.

Ovalini: Sometimes called bocconcini or ciliegine, these are small balls of Italian-style fior di latte. Depending on the bake time, Ken cuts them in half (shorter bake times) or keeps them whole (longer bake times) to keep the cheese fresh and creamy as it melts.

Low-moisture mozzarella: This fresh mozzarella is most associated with New York- or American-style pizza, and is best grated. Look for whole-milk, low-moisture mozzarella.

Smoked low-moisture mozzarella: Also best grated, this smoky mozzarella gives pizza an extra boost of flavor. Ken likes to combine it with regular low-moisture mozzarella.

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