A Look Inside The Cook’s Atelier Cookbook (Plus a Giveaway!)

The Cook's Atelier
Photography by Anson Smart

In honor of Bastille Day on July 14, we’ll be celebrating with a Cook’s Atelier-themed giveaway. And what, may you ask, is The Cook’s Atelier? Only the ultimate French secret.

 The Cook’s Atelier is many things: a cooking equipment boutique, wine shop, cooking school, and a romantic venue to host private dinner parties and intimate events. Running throughout every endeavor is a commitment to rich local produce and the French art of cuisine. The two women behind it all? Mother-daughter team Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Franchini. Together they cook, teach, and run their Beaune, Burgundy-located store with a focus on creating intimate, memorable food experiences for whoever visits their charming abode. 

For our giveaway, we’re giving our followers a chance to dip a toe into the romantic world of The Cook’s Atelier. One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of The Cook’s Atelier cookbook and a gorgeous, copper-handled whisk to begin their adventure as a dedicated Francophile. Here’s how to enter:

Once we post a photo of one of their delicious recipes featured in the cookbook on July 14th, like the photo and tag two friends in the comments. Then follow @thebakefeed and @thecooksatelier on Instagram. That’s it, that’s all, and you’re one step closer to getting your hands on this amazing cookbook and a French-and-fancy whisk (like the beautiful one featured on the cookbook cover!).

Want to get a better grasp of what’s in the cookbook? Read our interview with Marjorie and Kendall below and check out their recipe for Rustic Apricot Tart!  

Rustic Apricot Tart / Excerpted from The Cook’s Atelier Cookbook (Abrams, 2018) / Photography by Anson Smart

Marjorie and Kendall just released their book, The Cook’s Atelier: Recipes, Techniques, and Stories from Our French Cooking School (Abrams, 2018). They recently took some time to talk with us about the book and the philosophy behind their love of cooking and eating together.

Let’s start with a big question… why did you decide to write a book?

Marjorie & Kendall: Since the very beginning of creating The Cook’s Atelier we’ve often talked about the possibility of writing a book to share our story and our experience of living in Burgundy. Our story is a bit unusual as we really didn’t start out with a formal business plan. Being a very close mother/daughter team, we wanted to figure out a way we could both live in France. We started out with a simple idea and were pleasantly surprised when it evolved into something much bigger than we ever expected. Guests visit us from all over the world to cook together and to share a meal. It was a natural addition to include stories about our artisan food producers because they really are the backbone of our business and what we do. We wanted our cookbook to be much more than just a cookbook. We wanted the reader to be immersed in the everyday at The Cook’s Atelier and to be inspired.

Almond-Cherry Galette / Excerpted from The Cook’s Atelier Cookbook (Abrams, 2018) / Photography by Anson Smart

What is your favorite part of the book?

M & K: Our book is organized by season into several menus, and during each season we have a double page still life image that represents that particular season. We were very fortunate that we were able to be a strong voice in the design process of our cookbook and work along side the Abrams team to make a beautiful book. These four images represent the beauty of the simple, raw ingredients that we find at the market and from our favorite artisan food producers.

You include seasonal menus in the book. Why is cooking seasonally important to you?

M & K: For us as cooks, we feel the very most important thing you can do to become a better cook is to source the best ingredients and to cook using the seasons as your guide. Rather than starting with a recipe, we try to encourage guests to get their inspiration from their local market or farmers. Ingredients are always best when they are used during their season, and we feel it is important to support local farmers wherever you are.

Butter Cake with Raspberries and Peaches / Excerpted from The Cook’s Atelier Cookbook (Abrams, 2018) / Photography by Anson Smart

How do cooking and wine fit together for you, both in a wider cultural/gastronomical sense and in a personal way?

M & K: Fortunately, the French still take the time to savor a meal with family and friends, and a big part of that experience is enjoying wine with food. Pairing wine with food enhances the entire experience and gives a nice excuse to linger just a bit longer around the table, no matter if the meal is simple or more elaborate. We have always been attracted to the French art of eating, and since we have moved here, we have wholeheartedly embraced it.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned while living in France?

M & K: Everything takes time, and you can’t rush anything.

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