Lookin’ Sharp: Our Best Cheesy Baked Goods

5. Dill and Gruyère Parker House Rolls 

We take our essential Parker House Roll Dough recipe and blend in Gruyère and fresh dill for a cheesy, herbaceous twist on a beloved classic. 

6. Maple Bacon Cheddar Pickle Loaf 

Pickles? In bread? Oh heck yes. The brininess of the pickles are what make this savory, cheesy bread so brilliant. The Cheddar, bacon, and maple are just bonus points of flavor.  

7. Herbed Goat Cheese Tart 

This dish has the tart flavor of cheesecake and can be served as an appetizer or as an add-on to spruce up a basic cheese plate. Shop your local farmers’ markets for any locally-made goat cheese. We used Belle Chevre from Elkmont, Alabama.

Photography by Stephen DeVries

8. Cheese and Rosemary Brioche 

We love this recipe for sandwich bread or an afternoon snack. Though the brioche recipe calls for a double-cream cheese, we especially love this with the ultra-rich and creamy Saint André triple-cream cow’s milk cheese—pure decadence.


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    • Ssmalheiser,
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