The Man Behind the Magazine: Q&A with Editor-in-Chief Brian Hart Hoffman

Brian at The Culinary Institute of America’s Pastry Boot Camp

How did you make Bake from Scratch different from the rest of the baking brands out there?

BH: I really tied it back to my years as a flight attendant, exploring the world. After traveling to so many places and cultures, you have to decide, “Am I going to dive straight in? Or am I going to stay and eat in my hotel room?” I think that traveling opened my eyes to engagement with culture, and a lot of times this happened through bakeries. So when I started working on Bake from Scratch as a concept, I knew it wasn’t going to be a baking publication that was all cupcakes and layer cakes from a box. I wanted a brand that represented multicultural flavors. To take it even further, a global baking community. I always wanted to bake something South African, French, Argentinian—something I was unfamiliar with. I knew if I was feeling this way, others must be in need of a publication like this as well.

The Bake from Scratch passion wasn’t understood at first. It’s not just baking. This is artisan baking. I call it “long form” baking. Some things should be quick and easy, we have recipes like that. But most require your time and energy—and the response to your food will be overwhelming.

When did you know you had a hit on your hands?

BH: I think we surprised ourselves that in the first issue there was an overwhelming positive response. But it was really the moment the second issue caught fire—that’s the test. Anything can work once but when you do it again and it grows even more popular then you know you’re on to something.

Favorite Birthday Cake?  

BH: My Sister-in-law makes this incredible Peanut Butter Cake that she refuses to share the recipe to. But I can’t be stopped—so we decided to replicate it in the magazine. It’s in our Birthday Cake Blowout feature in March/April and it’s truly the most decadent peanut butter experience around. 

Get the recipe for the Peanut Butter Cake here, and the Peanut Butter Frosting here!  



  1. Dear Mr Brian Hart Hoffman, Editor in Chief, Bake From Scratch

    G’Day from DownUnder
    The On-Line presence of BFS is great, particularly since it is not possible to subscribe from Australia to this wonderful magazine. I have The Book and look forward to Volume Two. The two recipes , for Gateau Basque and Beaumes-De-Venise Cake with Apricots happen to be my favourite recipes from Volume One as well., but there are so many I have yet to bake. I absolutely love the concept of this magazine/book because at present there is a lot of “dumbing down” of baking – well in Australian magazines that is the case , and none of them are devoted to baking in its purist form like BFS.
    I tried to subscribe several times but in the end was advised that overseas subscriptions are not possible. Considering the success of the book, and the magazine, any chance that this policy will be revised? A lot of US magazines are sold in Australia (thankfully) or international subs are offered, but not BFS. I hate not having access to the magazine. Who better to complain to than the Editor In Chief? Only joking, not a complaint , more a plea..
    Best regards to BFS from DownUnder.

  2. Happy Birthday Brian!
    The cake looks awesome.
    Will want to make this very soon for some friends having a birthday in May. Thank you for sharing and have a great celebration.
    I just had my birthday.

  3. We have a group that each Sunday gets together in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, to take cooking clases. We subscribed to the Bake from Scratch Magazine and love it. Please consider doing one from our island and/or the Caribbean. You will have enough material for several issues.

    • Hi Wanda, we are so happy to hear that you and your cooking class are such big fans! We feel so honored by that. We’re always on the lookout for our next destination for our magazine’s travel stories as well as our annual baking retreats, and Puerto Rico is a marvelous idea! We will keep it in consideration as we plan our future content and trips. Thank you so much for the suggestion! Happy baking!


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