Master Your Pie Lattice Weave

Pie Lattice

Ready to master the pie lattice bob and weave? Follow these steps to create a beautiful, oven-ready pie with even, photogenic lattice and perfectly crimped edges. For six fall pie recipes and our complete guide to pie baking, get our September/October issue!

Pie Lattice

1. On a lightly floured surface, roll remaining dough into a 12-inch square. Cut into 6 (2-inch-wide) strips. Place 3 dough strips vertically on pie, spacing evenly apart.

Pie Lattice

2. Fold back center vertical strip, and place a strip horizontally across first strips. Unfold vertical folded strip.

Pie Lattice

3. Fold back alternating vertical strips, and place another dough strip horizontally across vertical strips, spacing evenly. Unfold folded strips. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until lattice design is complete. If dough becomes too soft or warm, return it to refrigerator for 15 minutes before working again.

4. Using sharp kitchen scissors, trim lattice until it meets the inside of the pan’s lip. Trim overhang to ½ inch beyond pan’s lip.

5. Roll trimmed overhang over so that it is even with inside lip of the pan, pressing down to make it adhere.

6. Create fluted ridges perpendicular to edge of pie plate with one hand on the inside of the edge and one hand on the outside. Using thumb of your inside hand, push the dough between the thumb and index finger of your outside hand to form a “U” shape with the dough. Repeat this motion around the edge, spacing your flutes about an inch apart.


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