Must-Bake Recipes From Bake From Scratch: Volume Three Contributors

Bake from Scratch: Volume Three will be available soon and we couldn’t be more excited! In anticipation of the book’s release on March 15th, we’ve caught up with some bakers we love who’ve contributed their recipes to the book. They dish on their favorite recipes as well as a few insider baking tips!

Photo courtesy of Jesse Szewczyk

Jesse Szewczyk

What is your favorite recipe that you contributed to our cookbook?

Jesse Szewczyk: My Caramelized White Chocolate Chess Pie. While the recipe itself is super easy, developing it was a challenge. I had a clear idea of what I wanted it to look and taste like and getting to that point was a journey. I must have baked the pie 15 times within a span of two days. My roommate probably thought I was crazy—but I eventually landed on a formula that worked. I’m super proud of the pie and love how it turned out! Those stripes get me every time!

Caramelized White Chocolate Chess Pie. Photography by Mark Weinberg / Recipe Development by Jesse Szewczyk / Styling by Erin Jeanne McDowell


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