Our New 2018 May/June Southern Issue!

Photography by Stephen DeVries.

In our first ever May/June Southern themed Issue, we give you all things Southern with recipes from the classic Southern biscuits to 5 different ways with Hummingbird Cake. With 74 delicious recipes that are sure to bring you right back to your Southern roots! Don’t miss our game changing Icebox Pies, a complete guide to Southern from A to Z and of course a whole feature dedicated to the Southern fruit star, the peach. Scroll below to see these exclusive highlights from the issue!

  1. Hummingbird Bundt Cake

Think of this Bundt as the frosted layer cake’s laid-back cousin. It requires less effort to make but packs all the same spiced, fruity flavor of the original. Bananas and whole milk keep the cake moist and flavorful for days, but the best part is that tangy, spoon-licking Cream Cheese Icing. Find more twists on classic Hummingbird cake in our Five Ways with Hummingbird feature. 

Pineapple-Bourbon Pound Tart

2. Bourbon-Pineapple Pound Tart

Pound cakes have long been relegated to large, deep pans—and for good reason: The heaviness of the cakes means they don’t rise much and need to “settle” into pans that already have structure in order to bake up well. But for this cake, cookbook author Ben Mims went with a large, deep tart pan to produce a sleek, slim wedge of cake that eats like a tart, complete with fluted edge and chunks of fresh fruit on top. Here, that fruit is pineapple, and the fresh chunks are a perfect complement to every Southerner’s favorite booze, bourbon, in both the tart and the glaze. For many more pound cake recipes, order our May/June issue, here!

3. Roll-Out Biscuits

We took the formula for a roll-out buttermilk biscuit one step further and threw in a flaky twist. A quick brush with buttermilk and a tri-fold of the dough creates light layers in this golden biscuit, making it perfect to split open and butter. Find this recipe and helpful tips and tricks to making the perfect Southern biscuit in this issue. 

4. Coconut Peach Cake 

Blending one traditional Southern classic, the cloud-like coconut cake, with the blushing stone fruit, this triple-layer cake is an undeniable showstopper. A final coating of toasted coconut flakes brings a dash of color to the typical snow-white appearance. You won’t want to miss our feature on peaches! 

5. Brûléed Key Lime Pies 

With help from blogger Kate Wood, we combined our two favorite desserts, crème brûlée and Key lime pie. The burnt sugar topping complements the tart pie filling and adds a touch of surprise to what is an otherwise simple dessert. For best results, make these pies ahead of time and brûlée them just before serving. Find more Icebox pie recipes from Kate Wood in the May/June Issue

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  1. the metric measurements are wrong for most of your recipes , Hummingbird Bund Cake the 1 teaspoon metric are wrong – you have 3 grams 2 grams 5 grams – which one is right??

  2. I made the Hummingbird Bundt cover recipe. It turned out perfectly! I may make this instead of banana bread from now on.


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