Oatmeal Cream Pies

Oatmeal Cream Pies

What It Is

Tender oatmeal cream pies are rich with molasses and spices, encase a layer of whipped creamy filling. This cookies-and-cream combo was the first treat baked under the Little Debbie brand in 1960 and quickly became a hallmark of American snack foods. Modern and homemade versions might pack whole grains, artisan flours, and vanilla-rich creams into oversized and super petite versions. But no matter the size or riff, these cookie sandwiches remain sweet and supple.

Why We Love It

Pure nostalgia. As kids, we could plow through a box of these in no time flat, leaving a trail of cellophane wrappers in our wake. We’re thrilled to see reminders of this childhood delight at “grown-up” bakeries all across the country.

Where to Find It

Ollie Vaughn’s Kitchen and Bakery: Phoenix, AZ

On this bakery’s back patio, an oasis of greenery and fruit trees in downtown Phoenix, regulars linger over chewy oatmeal cookie sandwiches stuffed with rich cream. They’re so addictive they’ll make you want to start carrying a lunch box again.

The Rhu: Asheville, NC

The bakery arm of chef John Fleer’s Rhubarb restaurant, Rhu serves classic and gluten-free versions made with Southern ingredients such as Anson Mills benne seeds and Carolina Ground Crema pastry flour, and subs out molasses for sorghum and honey.

Pint Size Bakery: St. Louis, MO

With a steadfast commitment to old-fashioned baking, Pint Size relies on local farms to source the ingredients for their oatmeal cream pies, such as milk and cream from pastured cows, pure cane sugar, and unbleached flour.


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