Oats: A Baker’s Secret Weapon

Stock Your Shelves

Whatever your next baking project, whether a homemade snack, a hearty loaf of bread, or a decadent dessert, make oats the hero of your baking pantry. Here are our go-to items:

Steel-Cut Irish Oats | These chunky chopped oats are the best addition to hearty whole-grain or rye breads. Be sure to soak them before adding to baked goods.

We Like:  McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oats

Old-Fashioned Oats | The workhorse of your pantry, these oval flakes of pressed oat grains, also known as rolled oats, will be the base for your best granolas and will make your cookies and bars chewy and delicious. The whole flakes are also a pretty topping for whole-grain breads.

We Like: Quaker Old Fashioned Oats

Oat Flour | This naturally gluten-free fine flour can be a welcome addition to muffins and sweet breads and a part of a gluten-free bread mix.

We Like: Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oat Flour

Oat Bran | Don’t dismiss it as a relic from the 1970s health food craze. This toasty, flaky grain is a delicious product to use in many baking projects, especially crackers or savory pastry.

We Like: NOW Real Food Organic Oat Bran    

Scottish Oats | With a more varied texture than the Irish steel-cut oats, this is a great choice for stirring into oatmeal pancakes, making grain bowls, or even using in homemade protein snacks.

We Like: Scott’s Porage Oats


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