Our All-Time Favorite Thanksgiving Bakes

Butternut Squash Pie

The championship of holiday baking has arrived, and we’ve got your Thanksgiving game plan. Featuring classic pie, tart, and Bundt cake recipe standouts, you’ll also find a few surprises—like a sweet and savory butternut pound cake and applesauce-rich Belgian waffles that’ll help you kick off your Thanksgiving in style. Whether celebrating with family or inaugurating your first Friendsgiving, these baked goods truly prove that sharing is caring.

1. Butternut Squash Pie

You’ll forget classic pumpkin and sweet potato when you taste this bourbon-spiked squash pie—the new star of your next holiday dinner. This pie embodies all that a custard pie should be, appearing firm with clean slices, but dissolving into silky deliciousness with every bite.

Apple Cheddar Pie

2. Apple Cheddar Pie

For this modern twist on traditional apple pie, we use two crusts, our Traditional American Piecrust and a Cheddar Cheese Piecrust, to create a marbled look. Discover how to create the perfect pie lattice and piecrust in our technique guides. 

Sweet Potato Yogurt Pie
(Photography, Recipe Development, and Food Styling by Nik Sharma)

3. Sweet Potato Yogurt Pie

Nik Sharma’s (of the blog A Brown Table) pie with cream cheese pastry crust is the ultimate classic. We all love sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving so serve this Sweet Potato Yogurt Pie in addition to your traditional side. Nik says if there’s one pie he looks forward to each Thanksgiving season, it’s sweet potato. Indian chefs often use yogurt as a thickener and cool counterpoint to the spice in curries. In this pie, it enriches the pie and balances the sweetness of the potatoes with tangy acidity.

Cranberry-Caramel Tart

4. Cranberry-Caramel Tart

Rich ripples of caramel balance out cranberry’s tart flavor in this elegant holiday tart. Pecans pull double duty as the toasted base for the crust and an additional source of crunch in the filling. For more nut-inspired recipes, look to Our Best Nutty Recipes.  


Apple Maple Tart

5. Apple-Maple Tart

Set in our buttery Pâte Brisée and garnished with candied apple slices, this Apple-Maple Tart is simple yet refined and even tastier when topped with the remaining reduced maple syrup.

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