Our Winter Kitchen Essentials

Our Winter Kitchen Essentials

From citrus soufflés to loaf breads, the recipes in this issue are a lot easier with the right tools. Our Winter Kitchen Essentials will help you cook your way through this issue of Bake From Scratch.

1. Microplane® Grater-Zester without Grip

This handy tool makes fast work of all things citrus, perfect for the recipes in “Drops of Sunshine.” We prefer the model sans handgrip, as it’s easy to position atop a bowl.

2. Nonstick Madeleine Pan

For our delicate Tangerine Madeleines, we turned to this shell-shaped French pan. We like the tinned steel for even baking and nonstick finish for easy release.

3. Williams-Sonoma Traditionaltouch Pullman Loaf Pan

We love to use a Pullman loaf pan on sandwich breads because it turns out nice sharp corners and gives homemade loaves a professional look. Try it with our Rye Sandwich Bread.

4. Ateco® Offset Spatula 

An offset spatula is a baker’s secret weapon. It makes easy work of frosting cakes, leveling batter in pans, and smearing filling for our Cherry Breakfast Rolls.

5. Ateco® Natural Boar Bristle Round Pastry Brush

There’s no denying the versatility of a good pastry brush, from layering phyllo for baklava to varnishing Chocolate Hand Pies with egg wash.

6. All-Clad® 2-Quart Sauce Pan with Porcelain Double Boiler

When it comes to melting chocolate (like for our One Pound Chocolate Brownies), using a double boiler can mean the difference between gooey sweetness and a hot mess.

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