Popular Pan Conversions at a Glance

Popular Pan Conversions pans stacked on white

If you’ve ever come across a recipe that you would like to bake but don’t have the pan required, fret not. The following charts offer popular pan conversions at a glance. Pans with similar areas and volumes make more ideal swaps. You won’t need to change much in terms of recipe ratios, baking temperatures, or cooking times. It’s also safer to switch between high-sided pans (think Bundt pan to loaf pan) or between shallower pans (we’re talking 2-inch-tall round to 2-inch-tall square).

Regardless, recipes can vary. Be sure to fill pans only halfway to two-thirds full. When facing a new recipe, be safe and fill halfway. Bake of any extra batter as mini loaves or cupcakes. Also, keep in mind what you’re making. Butter and oil cakes, brownies, blondies, and quick breads are more forgiving. But for temperamental treats like angel food cakes, you may want to stick to the recipe. Be bold but smart with your baking, and delicious possibilities await. To get started, we’ve crafted a list of popular pans and some substitutes to help along the way. See more information in our Baking Possible feature, which can be found in our January/February 2021 issue


Often the darker the metal, the faster batter in contact will bake. If using a darker metal pan, consider dropping baking temperature by 25 degrees and checking for doneness earlier.

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