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Baker’s Bundt Bundle

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Why choose just one when you can have all three? Get The Bundt Collection, Nordic Ware Bavaria Bundt Pan, and The Ultimate Bundt Cleaning Tool for 20% off now!

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The Bundt Collection
This compendium of Bundt cakes features more than 100 recipes, tips, and techniques to help bake the perfect cake. The shape that launched a thousand cakes, the Bundt pan offers the flawless mold for decadent, dense cakes destined for thick glazes and syrup soaks. Whether you’re looking for an exciting update, like our Peanut Butter and Jelly Swirl Bundt Cake, or a steadfast standard, like the classic Chocolate Kugelhopf, we have a ring-shaped delight for you.

Nordic Ware Bavaria Bundt Pan
Crisp, clean geometric patterns decorate the Bavaria Bundt Pan, making it a beautiful addition to any collection. Dusting or lightly glazing your finished cake will bring out the gorgeous details this pan leaves behind. 10 cup capacity.

The Ultimate Bundt Cleaning Tool
3-in-1 tool: includes angled brush, a flat scraper, and pointed pick for hard to reach spots on intricately detailed pans


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