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Baker’s Cookie Bundle


Why choose just one when you can get all four? Get The Cookie Collection, the Big Sheet Baking Pan, the GIR Spoonula-Studio White, and the GIR Skinny Spatula-Studio White now for 20% off!

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The Cookie Collection
Introducing the ultimate ode to cookies, featuring over 100 cookie recipes every home baker should have in their collection. Become a cookie connoisseur with a variety of flavors and cookie styles. From buttercream-filled sandwich cookies and berry-studded sugar cookies for summer to gingerbread and shortbread primed for the winter holidays, these recipes will see you through every season. Find all your chocolate chip-stuffed and caramel-filled favorites. With both classics and contemporary crowd-pleasers, this is the collection you’ll turn to time and time again. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered with cookies.

Big Sheet Baking Pan
Naturals®Bakeware collection from Nordic Ware is made of pure aluminum for superior heat conductivity and produces consistent evenly browned baked goods every time. These premium pans have a lifetime durability and will never rust. Encapsulated galvanized steel rims prevent warping. Creativity meets natural aluminum sustainability.

GIR Spoonula-Studio White
The Ultimate Spoonula is a spatula + spoon that does it all. This spoonula has a sharp edge for scraping and precise scooping. A wide, extra-deep bowl for the really heavy stuff. And perfect flexibility at the blade.

GIR Skinny Spatula-Studio White
The Pro Spatula is our unibody silicone spatula in a size made for professional kitchens and serious home cooks. Ideal for large, deep mixing bowls or pots. Broad, strong blade. Handle balanced and weighted for comfort. Heads up: this spatula is BIG! At 16″ long, it really is meant for professional use and/or large batches. But if you need an extra large spatula, it doesn’t get better than this.

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