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Baking School On-Demand: Small Batch Baking 2021


Small Batch Baking with Brian Hart Hoffman and Alice Choi

This is a class for anyone who wants to learn to bake in small batches! Join Brian Hart Hoffman and blogger Alice Choi of Hip Foodie Mom as they use a Breville countertop oven to bake small-batch treats. Brian will make a stunning Mint Chip Sheet Cake, and Alice will prepare an olive oil cake that’s topped with cream and peaches.


Want to learn to bake like a pro?

Join Bake from Scratch magazine and Williams Sonoma for a virtual baking class series that will boost your confidence in the kitchen. In each class, Brian Hart Hoffman, editor in chief of Bake from Scratch and expert baker, will share baking tips, tricks, and recipes that you will want to re-create at home for family and friends!

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