Recipes for Baking in Your Cast-Iron Skillet


9. Walnut Golden Raisin Soda Bread 

Earthy walnuts and sweet golden raisins add texture and a hint of sweetness to this classic, which gets extra depth from whole wheat flour as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

upside-down cake

10. Pineapple Curry Upside Down Cake 

Madras curry and candied ginger give a little heat to balance out the sweet pineapple in this tropical twist on a traditional upside-down cake.

11. Strawberry-Apple Cobbler 

There’s no need to wait for summer to enjoy cobbler right out of the oven. This Strawberry-Apple Cobbler warms up cold winter days. 

12. Pecan Crumble Coffee Cake

Use a cast iron wedge pan to create scone-like portions of this soft and moist coffee cake. 

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