Rum Tour of the Tropics

Rum is one of the most diverse Bermudian and Caribbean exports. These are our top picks for baking. 


Gosling’s Black Seal Rum – The flagship label produced by Bermuda’s famous rum distributor, this rich dark rum is the Bermudian baker’s go-to for rum cake.


Pusser’s Spiced Rum – Made to resemble the original rum rations of the British Royal Navy, this is a smooth spiced rum aged with Caribbean spices.


Appleton Special Rum – A gold rum with ginger, nutmeg, and vanilla notes made by Jamaica’s best-known distillery.


Mount Gay Eclipse Rum – Made at the world’s oldest rum distillery, this fruity gold rum is aged in Kentucky oak barrels for added smokiness.

Dominican Republic

Brugal Extra Viejo – Aged for eight years in oak casks, this premium dark rum has vanilla and molasses notes reminiscent of Cognac.


Barbancourt 3 Star Rum – Used to flavor many Haitian pastries, this vanilla-forward gold rum is aged in French Cognac barrels.

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