The Ryes Have It: Our Essential Rye Recipes

Unless your great grandmother emigrated from Northern Europe or you live around the corner from a Jewish deli, you may have never tasted freshly baked rye bread. But it has been a staple in countries such as Sweden, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and Russia for millennia. Some people say just the aroma of rye bread baking is reason enough to try your hand at making these tasty loaves. You be the judge. 

Rye Sandwich Bread


  1. Rye Sandwich Bread 

We love this loaf because of its unbeatable texture, deep rye flavor, and versatility. It can be baked in a standard loaf pan, a Pullman pan, or hand-shaped into a rustic bâtard or boule. This kind of versatility makes a perfect starter loaf for the timid baker! 

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