On the Shelf: Our Spring Kitchen

Spring Cookbooks

From sweet cookie sandwiches to pizza perfection, this collection of fresh reads leaves no culinary stone unturned. (clockwise from top)

1. Tartine All Day by Elisabeth Prueitt

Though its author is an award-winning pastry chef and co-owner of the wildly popular Tartine Bakery & Cafe in San Francisco, Tartine All Day: Modern Recipes for the Home Cook (2017, Ten Speed Press) was written from the mindset of a busy parent who knows the value and difficultly of cooking—and baking—at home. In this new collection, Elisabeth Prueitt shares recipes and tips that are the time-tested staples of her own home kitchen.  
Can’t Wait to Make: Rhubarb-Lemon Pound Cake, a bright lemon-scented treat with a sweet-tart layer of sugared rhubarb. We just can’t resist rhubarb done right.  

2. Bake from Scratch by Brian Hart Hoffman

After more than a year of developing recipes specifically for the avid home baker, we’re excited to share the first volume of our annual cookbook. This collection of recipes from the first year of Bake from Scratch magazine will coach you through each step of the baking process. Whether you’re a master of decadent cakes or lover of rustic breads, Bake from Scratch: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker (2017, 83 Press) will be your go-to guide for baking through every season.    
Can’t Wait to Make (Again!): Gâteau Basque, a combination of flaky crust encasing pastry cream that is out-of-this-world delicious. This easy cake is our cover star for a reason—it embodies simplicity at its finest and tastiest.

3. Dulce de Leche by Josephine Caminos Oría

Josephine Caminos Oría’s lifelong love affair with her Argentinean grandmother’s dulce de leche inspired Dulce de Leche: Recipes, Stories & Sweet Traditions (2017, Burgess Lea Press). Whether infused into tiramisù, swirled into a jelly roll cake (pionono), or simply smeared on toast, the sweet golden spread weaves a ribbon throughout every story and recipe on these pages.
Can’t Wait to Make: Alfajores, two soft shortbread-style cookies sandwiching thick dulce de leche and rolled into coconut topping. We love the delicate contrast of creamy filling and crumbly cookie that literally melts in your mouth.

4. Bread Toast Crumbs by Alexandra Stafford

More than a guide to bread baking, author Alexandra Stafford’s new cookbook Bread Toast Crumbs: Recipes for No-Knead Loaves and Meals to Savor Every Slice (2017, Clarkson Potter), demystifies the process of making loaves at home and ensuring they don’t go to waste. She opens with the basics of baking no-knead breads and progresses into recipes that use every morsel, from first slice to last crumb.    
Can’t Wait to Make: Toasted Coconut Loaf, a slightly sweet loaf perfect for smearing with chocolate-hazelnut spread. This fragrant bread is our idea of the perfect breakfast.

5. Pizza Camp by Joe Beddia

From New York to Italy to Japan, Joe Beddia traveled far and wide to taste and study all kinds of pizza before opening his own joint, Pizzeria Beddia, in Philadelphia. This knowledge is what makes his new book, Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizza Beddia (2017, Abrams Books), a pizza lover’s dream. Joe’s recipes range from traditional to wildly creative pie ideas (we’re looking at you, Speck, Collard Greens, Fontina, and Cream Pizza), all based on his signature American-style crust. And if by some miracle there’s leftover dough? Well, Joe also includes how to turn that into hoagie rolls for sandwiches that would make all of Philly proud.  
Can’t Wait to Make: Di Fara Pizza, a seemingly basic pie with tomato sauce, mozzarella and Grana Padano cheeses, and fresh basil that is so pure in flavor Joe swears it could bring a tear to the eye. We’re drooling just reading the recipe.    


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