Sleek Canisters and Stylish Storage

Sleek Canisters and Stylish Storage

Use these sleek canisters to stash away ingredients and spare tools and keep your kitchen counters clutter free. (Numbered from left to right). 

  1. Vitrified Studio Corked Collared Jar

The sleek minimalism of this stoneware clay canister makes it a chameleon on the countertop, able to tie in with any kitchen scheme. Each one is handmade to order by artisan Shelley Martin of Portland, Oregon, so pick your favorite color and size and be patient. This one is worth the two- to four-week wait.

  1. Textured Kitchen Canister

Keeping dry ingredients like flour or sugar securely sealed, the wooden lid’s leather pull makes it easy to remove. With its clean white glaze, this stoneware is a stylish neutral addition to any countertop décor. Order as a single or in a set of three.

  1. Serrv Onyx Canisters

These naturally patterned canisters are hand carved in Pakistan from unpolished onyx and Shesham wood, a sturdy hardwood native to the area. The innate patterns of these materials give these fair trade pieces natural variances in color and pattern, making no two exactly alike.

  1. Capsule Copper Canister

Add the shine of copper to your kitchen with this mango wood-topped burnished beauty. A wider opening and roomier interior make this modern canister the ideal upscale cookie jar. Purchase as a single piece or grab a three-piece, multi-metallic set.

  1. Marble Storage Canister

Remove the lid and this sturdy-yet-stylish marble container becomes the perfect display case for whisks, spoons, and spatulas. Since the marble isn’t sealed for food safety, this canister is best for keeping your non-edible kitchen tools in perfect order.

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