How Small Scale Millers Like Nan Kohler Are Changing Our Flour

How Small Scale Millers Like Nan Kohler Are Changing Our Flour Grist & Toll - Bake From Scratch
Photography by Matt Armendariz

More Stone Mills Across the County: Each of these mills specializes in working with local farmers to get the best grains possible. They stone mill their flours and sell them as fresh as possible.

1. Camas Country Mill – Junction City, Oregon

Run by Tom & Sue Hunton, second generation grass seed farmers who are on the forefront of changing our grain economy. They grow and mill grains that are bred for flavor, nutrition, and sustainability.

2. Carolina Ground – Asheville, North Carolina

After 14 years as a baker and owner of Natural Bridge Bakery, Jennifer Lapidus saw a need for better flour and started Carolina Ground. She and her team source their grains exclusively from the South and stone mill them paying special attention to keeping temperatures low to preserve the grain’s flavor and nutritive profile.

3. Farmer Ground – Trumansburg, New York

A cooperative enterprise in upstate New York that considers itself a “micro-mill” that focuses on quality rather than quantity. They produce in a whole year what a large operation would produce in a week, but their flour is sourced responsibly and considers the whole chain of farmer-miller-consumer.

4. Hayden Flour Mills – Queen Creek, Arizona

Jeff Zimmerman was one of the first to see a need for more local, heritage grains in our food system. He started Hayden Flour Mills to bring back grains that are minimally processed and flavorful.

5. Maine Grains – Skowhegan, Maine

Housed in an old county jail building, Amber Lambke runs this operation and serves as executive director of the Maine Grain Alliance—host of the Kneading Conference that gathers farmers, millers, bakers, and others in the community whose interests overlap. Because of her efforts, Skowhegan is recognized as one of the country’s emerging rural food hubs.


  1. How wonderful that so many individuals see the need for better food, the way God intended it, and do something about it. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts to improve the lives of others through our food sourses and communities.

    God Bless You.

    • Hi Walter,

      Thank you for reaching out. We do not ship flour but you can try looking for 12% protein flour through Bob’s Red Mill or King Arthur Flour, which are two of our favorites. Happy Baking!


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