Our All-Star Recipes for National Baking Month

Meyer Lemon-Olive Oil Coffee Cake
January is National Baking Month! To help you celebrate, we dug into our recipe reserves and gathered the ultimate assortment of baked goods. From bright Meyer lemon coffee cake and crumbly French cookies to rosemary-scented soda bread and tahini-flavored babka, these recipes will solve any sweet or savory craving.

If you love lemon bars, you will LOVE this coffee cake. Meyer lemons are less acidic and slightly sweeter than the standard lemons found in the grocery store, and provide a perfect balance against the tart lemon curd swirled into this silky batter. 

Chocolate Turtle Cookies
Photography, Recipe Development, and Styling by Shiran Dickman/feedfeed

2. Chocolate Turtle Cookies 

Coated with pecans and filled with soft caramel, these festive chocolate cookies from Shiran Dickman (@shiran_dickman) of the playful desserts-centric blog Pretty. Simple. Sweet. are a popular treat during the holidays, and well, any day in our book. For more delicious recipes, order the Holiday Cookies Special Issue co-produced with feedfeed

White Chocolate-Tahini Babka
Photography and Styling by Mason + Dixon / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Ben Mims

3. White Chocolate-Tahini Babka 

Tahini and babka hail from the same area of the globe, so it’s only natural to marry them together in this sweet bread from Ben Mim’s (@benbmims). It’s perfect for breakfast or drenched in custard for a rich bread pudding.

Apricot-Almond Hand Pies

4. Apricot-Almond Hand Pies 

Sliced almonds and cinnamon bring a subtle nuttiness and heat to balance out the concentrated sweetness of the dried apricot filling in these fruity hand pies. For more hand pie recipes, get our Pies & Tarts Special Issue

Pecan Butter Tarts
Photography by Maya Visnyei / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Emily Turner

5. Pecan Butter Tarts 

While much of Canada’s cuisine has European roots and inspiration, butter tarts, which first appeared in Ontario in the early 1900s, are uniquely Canadian. Some insist that the only authentic filling must include raisins, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. You can even substitute chopped pecans with coconut or chocolate for a tasty twist. Get more Canadian recipes in our November/December Issue

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  1. OMG. Your British baking edition (Jan/Feb 2018) hooked me in. And my sister. And my daughter in law. Now I’ve found your website with recipes while looking for Brian’s Biscuit! Someone stab my eyes out! Can’t remember last time I was this overwhelmed by such treasures! And the quality photography? Wow. I’m in trouble.

  2. I so wish I could afford your magazine!! I love the website and the magazines look fantastic, but I may need to move soon and there is no way it fits into my extremely tight budget. However, I look forward to going into the website now and again and maybe finding something I could make from scratch with my grandchild, Vincent as he gets older.
    Thanks so much!

  3. I love your magazine, but often the ingredients are difficult to find or expensive. Vanilla beans or vanilla sugar are just out of my budget and your never give alternatives for those of us that cannot afford expensive ingredients. I have been baking for many years and look forward to challenges in recipes. Maybe you can consider giving us alternatives or using easy to find/less expensive ingredients in the first place. I have gone on line to Amazon for some of the ingredients and WOW, I couldn’t afford vanilla sugar to use in those quantities. Thanks for listening.

  4. I bought the magazine and would like to add a recipe to my Paprika recipe app. The recipe is very lengthy to manually add. Maybe when the magazine is a couple months old I’ll be able to download ❤️ Made the Triple-Layer Strawberry Pound Cake. Looks wonderful, will taste it tomorrow at my granddaughters birthday.


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