Suddenly Streusel! Our Best Streusel Recipes

Sweet Potato Brioche - Bake from Scratch

11. Sweet Potato Brioche with Orange-Pecan Streusel

This brioche will knock your socks off. Incorporating streusel into the body of this lightly sweetened loaf infuses the bread with a subtle orange essence. It is absolutely worth the effort.

12. Apple Pie with Browned Butter-Oat Streusel 

It’s tough to beat a classic Apple Pie, but we think the addition of browned butter-oat streusel makes this one extra special. It’s homey and warming—just what you expect from apple pie—but with nutty oomph. We think of this as the dessert equivalent of wrapping yourself in a big, thick blanket by the fire.

13. Rum Apple Cider Rosemary Crumb Cake

Combining the taste of rosemary with the tart punch of reduced apple cider and highlighted by black-spiced rum, this cake is as smooth as it is rich in flavor.


  1. I made the humming Bird coffee cake to take to an event it was wonderful and received many complements.. Several asked for the recipe.

    PS: I love your magazine.

    Sylvia Elmer


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