Take a Stand, A Cake Stand

Cake Stand

No simple plate is fit to carry your creation. We’ve curated this collection of stylish cake stand ‘s we’d be proud to have showcase our masterpieces— Because beautiful cakes deserve to be put on a pedestal.

(From Left to Right)

Sur La Table Acacia Cake Stand*

The lines and waves in the grain of acacia wood give this lightweight stand a natural pattern reminiscent of a thumbprint. This beauty is handmade in the Philippines, and no two are alike.

*No longer for sale. 

AHeirloom Hardwood Maple Cake Stand (left) and Walnut Cake Stand (top right)

These stands are made of FSC-certified hardwood and produced in the Unites States. Built to be stylish-yet-sturdy, they can hold as many layers as you can stack.

Wood Bark Pedestal Stand

Cut from an actual tree trunk, this pedestal is truly one with nature. Real bark edges make this stand fit perfectly into rustic design schemes.

Melanie Abrantes Large Maple Cake Stand

Crafted from hand-selected local wood and finished with natural orange oil and beeswax, this hand-turned cake stand is the product of an artisan’s passion. The slightly rounded top and edges make for a clean and versatile piece.


(From Left to Right)

Fishs Eddy Cake Stand Milk 10”

This classy design dates back to the 1930s and is still handmade in the United States from the original molds. Its simple beauty complements
any confectionary work of art.

Ateco Cake Stand 12”

This modern cake stand pulls double duty as
a display piece as well as a functional turntable
to help you frost with ease.

Round Cake Stand in Hobnail-Milk Glass by Fenton

Vintage ruffles and a hobnail pattern make this milk glass stand a focal point in any kitchen. It instantly adds a touch of pomp and circumstance to any cake it holds.

Pillivuyt Cake Stand

A low, sleek design makes this minimalist pedestal perfect for the modern kitchen—it makes for a pretty presentation but doesn’t take up much storage space when off-duty.

Dauville Cake Stand in Gold

This gold-topped stand makes any occasion feel like a celebration. Its bold glaze makes it clear that your cake is the star of the show.

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