Tartine Bakery: San Francisco, CA

Plans for multiple bakery locations (Brooklyn, L.A., Japan) are in the works, and there will be upcoming renovations to the original space. This year, Liz will also be opening The Manufactory, a café to showcase her cookies, ice cream, and preserves. Loyalists whisper skepticism, and fear that Tartine will lose its identity and the bread and pastry quality will suffer.

But Liz promises that she and Chad will both be closely involved in the business. She says that nothing will slip. They will still bake everything fresh daily with the discipline and precision that has always been the cornerstone of their success.

We have every reason to believe her. Fifteen years into its storied existence, Tartine Bakery still fits the genuine artisan character that permeates the food scene in this city. It is an accessible place fully devoted to its craft and to feeding its community. 

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