The Bakers Behind the Holiday Cookies Special Issue

Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin Ryan Alvarez & Adam Merrin | Husbands that Cook
They say good things come in pairs, and Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin, better known as Husbands That Cook, are no exception. Creating culinary magic together in their cozy California kitchen, this vegetarian duo does everything from rich and decadent desserts to tasty and healthy vegan options



Rebecca Firth Rebecca Firth | Displaced Housewife
Despite her blog’s title, DisplacedHousewife, Rebecca Firth is far from the typical housewife. This single mom of two has been baking her way to the top of the food blogosphere since 2014, continuously showing off her creative chops with over-the-top recipes, dramatic photography, and a signature hint of wit.



Amanda Frederickson Amanda Frederickson 
Since stepping away from the corporate world five years ago and hightailing it to culinary school, Amanda has taken Los Angeles by storm as a professional cook and food stylist. After a disintiguished tenure at the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen, Amanda turned her attention to her self-named blog, where she demystifies the unique challenge of baking flawless seasonal desserts and cookies, and, her specialty, the art of pie.


Becky Sue Wilberding Becky Sue Wilberding | Baking the Goods 
With a blend of sass and heart, Becky Sue’s blog, Baking the Goods, possesses a designer’s eye, a writer’s flair, and a baker’s sensibility. Pairing personal, cheeky anecdotes with each recipe, Becky Sue leaves you laughing over her spirited humor and sighing over her mouthwatering dishes.



Rachel Conners Rachel Conners | Bakerita
At 16, Rachel Conners started her baking blog, Bakerita, before most of her friends had even decided where they wanted to go to college. Seven years later, with college behind her and the blog still going strong, a few things have changed but not her baking passion. After both her father and sister were diagnosed with gluten-intolerance, her blog took a turn toward the health-conscious, offering gluten-free and vegan versions of favorite desserts. Rachel still offers traditional recipes (double chocolate cranberry cookies are a favorite!), but she often rises to the challenge of including allergy-sensitive recipes that still taste like the real deal. With her diet-restricted loved ones in mind, Rachel serves up four gluten-free and vegan treats that will bring holiday cheer to everyone.

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