The Bakers Behind the Holiday Cookies Special Issue

Dale Gray Dale Gray | The Daley Plate
Dale Gray may have switched career paths and continents, but this former teacher is still giving lessons—and we’re taking notes. With hungry social media followers for students and Instagram as her blackboard, this Mississippi-based South African-born recipe developer is bringing the food of her homeland into the limelight with her blog, The Daley Plate. Her dishes represent both savory and sweet aspects of South African cuisine, but it’s her baking endeavors that have us rapt with attention. Dale brings her flair for South African cuisine to these cookie recipes, offering up warmly spiced soetkoekies, crisp Rooibos & Vanilla Biscotti, funnel cake-like Koeksisters, and rich and creamy Melktertjies. Each of her baked goods takes you one step closer to the taste of an authentic South African holiday.

Fanny Lam Fanny Lam | Oh Sweet Day!
Fanny Lam has worn many professional hats, but baking blogger may be her finest fashion to date. After a successful career in marketing movies, Fanny brought her dedicated work ethic and minimalist eye for design from Hong Kong to Vancouver, B.C., where she jump-started her website. Pulling triple duty as an online bakery, baking blog, and inspirational journal, Oh Sweet Day! is populated with images of impeccable ready-to-order treats, gorgeous home-baked goods, and her adorable family. For this working mother of two, simplicity is always the secret ingredient to any recipe. Her collection of easy, breezy holiday recipes includes bright raspberry meringue swirls, cranberry shortbread, citrusy pecan cookies, and a tender, flaky baklava you won’t soon forget.

Kristie Pryor Kristie Pryor | The Sweet and Simple Kitchen 
Kristie Pryor is the accidental blogger. What started as an online journal to record her baking endeavors turned into The Sweet & Simple Kitchen—an aptly-named baking blog where Kristie lets her food speak for itself. Each recipe is styled on a simple white or marble background, allowing the colors and textures of each dish to stand out in brilliant contrast. Kristie also works as a social media coordinator, recipe developer, and photographer with feedfeed. Her chewy chai cookies, well-spiced wonders that melt in your mouth, leave us swooning.

Kevin MasseKevin Masse | @kevmasse
When he isn’t overseeing brand partnerships for feedfeed, Kevin Masse is baking and filling his Instagram feed with his sweet and savory creations. This Hartford, Connecticut-based home baker and social media influencer’s recipes have been extensively featured by feedfeed and in the Bake from Scratch May/June issue—his Rainbow Sprinkle Bread was an overnight sensation. Kevin shares a brand-new recipe to obsess over: Browned Butter Pizzelles with Cardamom, an Italian classic with a nutty twist.

Molly Adams Molly Adams | @mollyjean4
Though a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, Molly Adams’ baking education started long before at her grandmother’s kitchen table, poring over baking magazines and savoring her grandmother’s creations. These days, Molly has taken over the reins as the family baker and is more widely known for her work as a Senior Food Editor at feedfeed. Her Sweet and Salty Monster Cookies are the warm, oversized comfort we’ll be craving during the chilly months to come. 

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