The Best of Easter Baking

Photography by Stephen DeVries

6. Palmiers

Palmiers might just be the perfect cookie: crisp, buttery layers of puff pastry encased in caramelized sugar. It’s hard to improve on something so classically perfect, but we think our version with cardamom, pecans, and vanilla bean comes pretty close.

Photography by Stephen DeVries

7. Raspberry Pine Nut Pavlova 

Vanilla bean brings warmth to the traditional meringue in this Pavlova topped with Buttermilk Whipped Cream and Raspberry Coulis and toasted pine nuts for another layer of delicate crunch. Bake this awe-inspiring recipe from our March/April 2018 Issue

Limoncello Meringue Cake

8. Limoncello Meringue Cake

Like a grand shortcake, this meringue-topped split cake looks decadent but is simple to make. The cake’s soft texture absorbs the juices from the layer of strawberries and raspberries that have been macerated in limoncello. Watch the crowd go wild over this one. 

Braided Mazanec

9. Braided Mazanec

With amaretto-soaked golden raisins, freshly squeezed orange juice, and Marzipan, this braided eggy yeast bread is prevalent throughout Eastern Europe. This beauty is just one of our favorite twisted and braided breads in our Bread special issue. Check out the rest and order now

Milk Chocolate Egg Cookies

10. Milk Chocolate Egg Cookies 

A nostalgic ode to Easter candy, these Cadbury egg-studded cookies are all about the texture. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and with a boost of crunch from the candy-coated chocolate eggs, it’s a new and improved way to indulge in the iconic Easter treat. Want more milk chocolate recipes? We’ve got you covered with our ingredient recipe collection in our March/April 2018 Issue!

Photography by Stephen DeVries

11. Petit Beurre 

These simple cookies are rich and only slightly sweet. They are delightful on their own, straight from the oven, but a schmear of buttercream, ganache, or Nutella takes them to the next level.



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