The Essential: Brioche

Essential Brioche

With its golden exterior and lightly sweet, feathery inside, a French brioche celebrates the beautiful marriage of baking bread with butterIt’s just as swoon-worthy as a croissant, but is far easier—and faster—to make. Use this Basic Brioche Dough to create pillowy loaves of your own.

  1. Brioche à Tête

The French name of this brioche refers to the shape (tête means head). One of the most recognizable forms of brioche, it’s noted by a smaller dome (the head) atop the larger round loaf. It’s often simply called a Parisienne.

2. Mini Brioche à Tête

For individually-sized brioche loaves, opt for the Mini Brioche à Tête. They’re perfect for breakfast. We like to pluck the têtes off and scoop spoons of frozen granita, seasonal jam, or hazelnut spread, such as Nutella, in the remaining brioche.

3. Bubble-Top Brioche Loaf

By arranging balls of dough in a single pan, you’ll get a loaf of brioche that pulls apart almost like monkey bread.

4. Brioche au Chocolat Loaf 

Adding dark chocolate to basic brioche gives it a rich, deeply satisfying twist that feels just as at home on the breakfast table as the dessert plate.

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