Tips for Mailing Confections

Espresso and Cacao Caramels

Durable and with a long shelf life, confections make excellent edible gifts to send to far-flung family and friends. Follow our tips to make sure the fruits of your labor arrive intact and in style. Look to our Cookie Butter Truffles recipe for your holiday get-together and find our complete collection of confection recipes in our November/December issue

Candies Need Space

If you cram your candies together, you’re risking a major meltdown. In order to make sure 20 cute candies don’t become one giant blob, try to keep everything from touching. Use wax paper or parchment paper as a divider if you plan on stacking up your confections.

Tins, the Containers of Choice

Decorative and sturdy, tins protect your candy in style, but they aren’t perfectly airtight. To keep it pretty and functional, seal your tins in gallon resealable plastic bags before placing them into your mailing box. Once the candy is delivered, your lucky recipient can discard the bags and enjoy.

We Like Big Boxes (and We Cannot Lie)

Buy a bigger box than your tin—at least 2 inches greater in length, width, and height—and pack the extra space with Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap. This creates an extra layer of insulation and cushion from outside heat and clumsy handling.

Tape the Seams

It may seem over the top, but taping over all the slits of the mailing box will keep outside air (hot, humid, or otherwise) from getting to your confection. The less air exposure, the better the candy.

Splurge for Priority Shipping

The added cost of priority (2–3 day) shipping may seem a little steep, sometimes costing over $20 more than standard shipping, but when you weigh it against the tragedy of spoiling the baking you worked so hard on, it’ll more than justify the extra charge. Look for flat-rate boxes offered at USPS, which will often ship with a reduced rate for Priority. For international shipping, check with shipping company for details and restrictions.

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