Our Top 10 Recipes for Citrus Season

    2. Tangerine Madeleines: A relative of the mandarin that’s smaller, sweeter, and easier to peel than a regular orange. It imparts the delicate essence of orange without overpowering baked goods. The addition of tangerine gives a simple citrus twist to this French classic. We think Proust would approve.

    3. Grapefruit Soufflés with Grapefruit Crème Anglaise: Bitter with bright acidity, this oversized citrus works well in baking because it pairs so beautifully with vanilla. The key to a successful soufflé is confidence. This recipe is approachable enough for the novice soufflé-maker, and will have you whipping up the tallest, fluffiest, most delicious soufflés in no time. Serve warm from the oven; break the top of the soufflé gently table side and spoon crème anglaise liberally into the center.

    4. Clementine Almond Cake: This fragrant cake demonstrates why almonds and sweet clementines are a match made in pastry heaven. 

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