Our Top Cookie Recipes
Photography by Stephen DeVries

6. Langues De Chat

These piped cookies are delicious on their own. Dip them in Mint Chocolate Ganache, add a sprinkle of raw sugar, and we dare you to eat just one.

Our Top Cookie Recipes
Photography by Stephen DeVries

7. Petit Beurre

These simple cookies are rich and only slightly sweet. They are delightful on their own, straight from the oven, but a schmear of buttercream, ganache, or Nutella takes them to the next level.

Quick Strawberry Jam - Our Top Cookie Recipes

8. Nutty Thumbprint Cookies with Jam 

Even if you don’t think you’re “a cookie person,” these cookies will prove you wrong. The cookie itself is well-balanced: slightly sweet, lightly salted, and chock-full of nuts. The jam center seals the deal. Each one is a bite of perfection. 

Our Top Cookie Recipes
Photography by Stephen DeVries

9. Chocolate-Orange Sablés 

Bursting with complexity and flavor, these sables are easier to put together than you might think.

Our Top Cookie Recipes

10. Macarons

Here’s our easy-enough-for-beginners recipe for creating these pastel wonders at home.


  1. How do I order or find another copy of the Holiday Cookie cookbook? I pre ordered one and loaned it to someone and cannot get it back. Please advise how I can obtain another copy.


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