Our Top Tea Recipes

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Our Top Tea Recipes

Sitting on the front porch with a glass of refreshing Luzianne Iced Tea is the epitome of summer relaxation. With this time-honored tradition in mind, we rounded up some of our top tea recipes. In each of these recipes, tea gets baked—rather than brewed—into sweet rolls, scones, and even pie and tart doughs. If you’re looking for another way to enjoy your tea, take it from the teacup to the baking tin with one of these recipes.

The Luzianne brand was founded in 1902 in New Orleans when Mr. Reily of Reily Foods started a company to roast, grind, and distribute coffee. In 1932, Mr. Reily developed the first tea specifically created to be poured over ice and enjoyed cool and crystal clear, which became a popular and refreshing way to beat the Southern heat. Because they’ve always focused on developing top quality blended tea, and thanks to their renowned tea masters and dedicated production staff, the formula for their iced tea has been unchanged since it was developed over 75 years ago.

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1. Sweet Tea Pound Cake

We’re taking your favorite cool summer drink and transforming it into your new favorite summer cake. This pound cake gets its moist texture and refreshing flavor from a couple of special ingredients—Sweet Tea Simple Syrup and cream infused with Luzianne Tea. And because a cold glass of iced tea is always better with fresh slices of lemon, we topped this cake with lemon glaze.

2. Assam Treacle Tart

Assam Treacle Tart

A standard of British baking, treacle tart is known for its simple but delicious bread crumb, golden syrup, and lemon-scented filling. In this aromatic twist on Harry Potter’s favorite dessert, tea-infused pastry balances the classic, gooey treacle filling. 

3. Earl Grey and Currant Scones with Vanilla Bean Glaze

Earl Grey Currant Scone

Comforting and flavorful, these scones are our breakfast go-to for warm mornings. Flavored with tea and studded with dried currants, these scones are finished off with a vanilla bean glaze. Feel free to swap out the currants for whatever dried fruits you prefer or have on hand.

4. English Breakfast Orange Marmalade Roly Poly

English Breakfast Orange Marmalade Roly Poly

This British childhood favorite, known cutely as a Roly Poly, is in essence an oven-steamed roulade cake. In our nod to the nostalgic dessert, a generous slather of English breakfast tea-powered orange marmalade runs in the tight spiral of a rolled vanilla cake.

5. Grey Lady Chelsea Buns

Lady Grey Chelsea Buns

We added golden raisins and Tea Jelly Filling to the standard currant bun, a sticky, sweet treat often enjoyed at teatime. Proof the dough in the refrigerator overnight for an impressive and quick breakfast. 

6. French Silk Pie

French Silk Pie

The pie crust for this unassuming French Silk Pie has a secret ingredient—tea! The light tea flavor brings a citrusy, refreshing finish to this pie and balances the richness of our bittersweet chocolate mousse.

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