Why Erin Clarkson Can’t Wait For Our Alaska Baking Retreat

Photo courtesy of Erin Clarkson

Our Alaska Baking Retreat to Tutka Bay Lodge is a baker’s ultimate escape, but the presence of one of our favorite baking bloggers—Erin Clarkson of Cloudy Kitchentakes this trip to a whole new level. Erin will be with us the whole retreat as we learn to bake Alaskan specialties, tour Homer’s top bakeries, and unwind on the lodge’s sundeck surrounded by gorgeous views of Kachemak Bay. Find out why Erin’s counting the days until our retreat!

Kachemak Bay. Photography courtesy of Tutka Bay Lodge

What drew you to this trip?
Erin Clarkson: This is my first time going to Alaska! I have wanted to go for the longest time. From what I’ve seen and heard, it is a lot like New Zealand, where I am from, so there’s nothing better than combining the two things I love the most: baking and a place that reminds me of home! 

Have you been on baking trips before? 
EC: I haven’t been on one before! I love everything Bake from Scratch does, so I knew this would be an amazing place to start! 

The interior of The Widgeon, the renovated 1940’s crabbing boat where baking classes are held at Tutka Bay Lodge. Photography courtesy of Tutka Bay Lodge

What experience are you most excited about?
EC: I’m so excited for everything, from baking classes in a renovated 1940s crabbing boat to foraging for ingredients and enjoying Tutka Bay Lodge’s luxurious amenities. I have read over the itinerary so many times now, and I don’t think I’m able to pick just one activity. 

What are the top 5 must-have items you’ll be packing for this trip?
EC: My camera, a good pair of shoes for hiking, my favourite apron, some birthday candles (it’s my birthday while we are there, as well as Brooke Bell’s, Bake from Scratch’s Vice President of Custom and Culinary Content!), and a raincoat. My dad always made me take a raincoat everywhere on trips as a kid and now it’s become something I do on my own. Nobody wants to be that person with the plastic poncho!

Russian Salmon Hand Pies. This recipe is one of the many Alaskan recipes we will learn on the retreat in classes taught by Mandy and Kristen Dixon, the owners of Tutka Bay Lodge and the award-winning mother-daughter duo that heads up the lodge’s culinary program.

What recipe are you most excited to bake?
EC: All the recipes look amazing. I am so excited to work with local ingredients in things like the salmon pies and the berry breakfast bread. I’ve never baked with live fire before, so I am also really interested to see how that works! 

Are you more of an adventurous traveler or a luxury traveler?
EC: I am definitely an adventurous type. I grew up camping and hiking as a kid in New Zealand and then spent a lot of time working outside both when I was studying to be and working as a geologist, so I am so, so excited to spend lots of time outside! I live in New York, New York, now and there aren’t many opportunities to get out and about in nature, so I am really looking forward to baking surrounded by Alaska’s gorgeous landscape.

A bird’s eye view of Tutka Bay Lodge and Kachemak Bay. Photography courtesy of Tutka Bay Lodge

Why should bakers join us in Alaska?
EC: It’s going to be the best time! I am so excited to hang out with everyone, and to learn so many new skills while we are at it. It’s not often you get to combine baking and spending time in such a beautiful location!

Join Erin in Alaska by booking your spot today! Only a few spots are left!

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