5 Must-Have Recipe Boxes

various recipe boxes stacked

Whether jotted on a napkin or carefully etched onto a notecard in Grandma’s best script, we love handwritten recipes. Keep your treasures safe in style with one of these beautiful recipe boxes.

  1. Custom Wreath Design Heirloom Recipe Box

The custom initial atop this wooden box makes it the perfect chest to carry beloved, time-tested recipes. Add your own and proudly pass it down to the next branch of the family tree. 

  1. Ironwood Gourmet Recipe Box

The dark tone of this sturdy, yet sleek acacia wood box fits perfectly in the modern kitchen. A subtle slit across the top acts as a card stand to preserve your precious cards from unnecessary grit while in use.

  1. Oceanstar Design Bamboo Recipe Box*

A simple design and durable bamboo frame give this recipe box the ability to fit in with any countertop décor. It also includes a removable clear divider that slides into place on the box lid to keep your recipe in plain sight while baking.

*Out of stock online.  

  1. C.R. Gibson Bon Appetit Recipe File Box

We love the bright pop of color that this box brings to the counter. With its bold red hue, this holder pulls double duty as a keeper of the recipe cards and stylish statement piece.

  1. Rifle Paper Co. Polka Dot Recipe Box and Cards

This lightweight tin’s trendy vintage design is perfect for the new baker. Featuring a set of dividers and 24 Charcoal Spoon Recipe Cards, it’s a great place to begin a collection that will make grandma proud.

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