Baking with Cardamom! Our Top 8 Recipes

Cardamom baking

At once sweet, warm, citrusy, and floral, cardamom reigns as the queen of spice. Originally from India, this relative of the ginger family elevates the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. We’re adding a pinch of cardamom to everything from Chai Spice Caramel Pie and Cardamom Flourless Chocolate Cake to a comforting cast iron bread. With cardamom in your spice drawer, you’ll be covered for your best fall baking.

Cardamom Flourless Chocolate Cake

  1. Cardamom Flourless Chocolate Cake

The beauty of this cake is the crackled top, which, combined with the cardamom-scented cake, yields the perfect mix of crispy, soft, chocolatey goodness in a single bite.

Photography by Stephen DeVries / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Nathan Carrabba

2. Vanilla Madeleines with Cardamom Sugar

These two-bite treats are simple to make and excellent with a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

Photography, Recipe Development, and Food Styling by Nik Sharma

3. Butternut Squash Pudding with Cardamom Crème Fraîche and Caramelized Cashews

While pumpkin and sweet potatoes tend to steal the autumn produce spotlight, butternut squash is a versatile vegetable that can go well in both desserts and in savory dishes. In this pudding by Nik Sharma, the award-winning author behind A Brown Table, the rich custardy texture and sweetness of the pudding is balanced by a lightly spiced cardamom-infused crème fraîche topping and a few crunchy, caramelized cashews.

Ginger Chai Carrot Cake

4. Ginger Chai Carrot Cake

Perfect for your fall baking, this cake combines crisp carrot and spicy-sweet candied ginger. Top with a confectioners’ sugar glaze, and you have a cake that’s just as awe-inspiring as it is delicious.

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