Top 9 Timeless Holiday Desserts From Around the World

Russian Honey Cake
10-Layer Spiced Russian Honey Cake

Everyone loves a classic. That’s why we’re paying homage to the decadent sweets that have been around for centuries—and for good reason. From the cream-filled 10-layer Russian honey cake to the braided Norwegian Julekake sweet bread, these timeless holiday desserts will bring Old-World elegance that you’ll remember for years to come.

  1. Chocolate Kugelhopf

Hailing from the Germanic region of Europe, this light, yeast-leavened cake is known for its signature tall, ringed shape. We replaced the usual raisins with chocolate chips because a little chocolate makes everything better.

2. Traditional Stollen

Our stollen recalls the sophisticated flavor of times past: slightly sweet yeasted bread dough loaded with dried fruit rehydrated in brandy. To finish, we shape our dough in the traditional ceremonial form and cover it in a luxurious, snowy blanket of butter and confectioners’ sugar. Find more variations of this classic in our 2018 November/December issue!


3. Panettone

Sweet and bready with a hint of rum, this mile-high Italian take on fruitcake may just become your new favorite. For perfect browning, be sure to use a panettone mold for baking—they’re available at most specialty food stores.

Bûche de Noël

4. Classic Bûche de Noël

Bring the beauty of the natural world to your table with this time-honored French holiday dessert. We developed a streamlined recipe to make the traditional Bûche de Noël process slightly less laborious (although you might still need to plan a weekend around it). See our pro tips for helpful tricks to make it even easier.

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