Best Butter for Baking

Butter choices

Best Butters for Baking:

Whether you’re a fan of the European-style cultured butters or good ol’ American sweet cream, you should be baking with unsalted butters. Here’s a selection of our favorites that are available across the United States, in both styles.

  1. Plugra

Made in the United States, Plugra is probably the most widely available European-style butter and Paula’s personal go-to.

2. Kerrygold

Sweet and rich, Kerrygold naturally has an intense yellow coloring thanks to cows that feast on the green, green grasses of Ireland.

3. Land-O-Lakes European Style Super Premium

Land-O-Lakes is the standard for many bakers—here you get that classic flavor with the added bonus of more butterfat.

4. Cabot Creamery

Cabot sources their cream from family farms, and makes a rich, slightly tangy butter.

5. Challenge

Challenge is a great organic choice, and is probably the best supermarket butter available.

6. Trader Joe’s Organic Butter

And, finally, a budget option: Trader Joe’s sells one of the least expensive organic butters available, and it works great in baking.



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