Donna Hay’s Top Tips For Instagram-Worthy Food Pics

Photography Courtesy of Donna Hay PTY LTD 2018, Shared with Permission of HarperCollins

Australia’s top culinary icon and leading cookbook author, Donna Hay, is known internationally for beautifully photographed, indulgent recipes that play up simple ingredients with maximum flavor—establishing a global standard for recipe development and food styling. Follow Donna’s tricks of the trade to capture Instagram-worthy shots for your own baked creations!

1. Natural light. Shoot in natural light whenever you can. Natural light makes food look fresh, and it creates inviting and glowing shots. It’s also more forgiving for photographers who are less experienced with a flash.

2. Less is more. It’s tempting to style intricate-looking desserts with the intention of making them look beautiful, but sumptuous ingredients speak for themselves. Donna loves to pile one type of berry on a Pavlova or a pillow of whipped cream over a cake. It’s simple but creates a striking effect.

3. Invest in a few pieces of elegant serveware. Make any recipe camera-ready for that perfect Instagram photo by arranging them on a classic cake stand or laying them out on a chic platter. As Donna says, everything looks better on a cake stand!

Can’t get enough of Donna Hay? Find our exclusive interview with Australia’s baking queen, and read about her latest cookbook, Modern Baking: Cakes, Cookies, and Everything in Between (Fourth Estate 2018) in our 2019 January/February issue!

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