Photo Courtesy Nick Simonite for Bakery Lorraine

5. Inès Patisserie | Seattle, WA

Authenticity sticklers will find much to devour at Inès Pâtisserie where Nohra Belaid serves up regular cooking and baking classes alongside stunningly crafted sablés, religieuse, cannelés, and the three-day croissant that has earned the Northern French chef-owner a ravenous cult following.

6. Vergennes Laundry | Vergennes, VT

Julianne Jones and her French-born husband, Didier Murat, built the sleekly styled, wood-fired bakery of their dreams in a former laundromat, initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign and memberships redeemable in pastry. Throughout the day, the case fills up with tartes salées, gougères, cannelés, financiers, chouquettes, and puff pastries—perfect for pairing with a lunchtime glass of old world wine.

Photo Courtesy Mark Woods for Inés Patisserie

7. Babette’s Artisan Breads | Denver, CO

Cyclist-turned-artisan bread maker Steve Scott honed his craft at bakeries around the country, but when he moved to the Mile High City, he ran into a roadblock: The altitude’s effect on the dough’s rate of fermentation. At Babette’s, he’s adapted classic methods to turn out stunning French country-style loaves with a dark, crunchy, caramelized crust—and they’re just racing out the door.


  1. I would also highly recommend Nathaniel Reid Bakery in Maplewood, MO (St Louis) He is classically trained at the Paris Cordon Bleu and he is an amazing talent. His bakery has a web site and a Facebook page . And here’s the link to a preview opening article. I spend several weeks in Paris every year and his chocolate Sambava is the best chocolate pastry I’ve had anywhere. Thank you for taking a look at his work.

  2. For years I have been lamenting the lack of real French bakeries where I live in North Texas. We have a chain called La Madeleine, but the past few years, the quality of the baked goods is what I’d call “meh – prepared for the masses.” I’m glad to know that a great French bakery is only a 4-1/2 hour drive/1 hour plane ride away. 😉 I do wish I’d known this before we were at The Pearl last spring break, tho!

    Fortunately, we do have a great place nearby to get macarons called Chelle’s, but a girl needs a St. Honore every now and again,too!


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