The Future of Bagels is Here! Meet the Bagel Wreath

Photography by Mark Weinberg / Recipe Development and Food Styling by Erin Jeanne McDowell

This wreath will wow at any brunch, weaving dough together to achieve an epic pull-apart round perfect for serving a crowd. Bagels are traditionally boiled to get their signature chewy exterior. In this recipe by cookbook author, Erin Jeanne McDowell, the wreath is brushed with water and baked at a slightly reduced temperature.

The combination yields a delightfully chewy eight-bagel wreath. You can use different toppings on each bagel so there’s a little something for everyone. You won’t want to miss this incredible recipe in our 2018 September/October Issue, here

For a sneak peak of how Erin forms the epic shape, follow her photos below.  

Place one piece of dough onto prepared parchment, and shape into a circle. Lightly brush one end with cool water, and adhere other end by pressing firmly to seal.
Take next piece of dough, and weave it through the first round. Once it’s been threaded through, use water on one end, and press firmly to seal.
Continue this process until you’ve used and woven all pieces of dough to create the bagel wreath.


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