Piping and Shaping Your Paris-Brest

Invented to commemorate the famous bicycle race that ran from Paris to Brest, the Paris-Brest is pâte à choux piped to resemble a bicycle tire, covered in toasted almonds and filled with a rich hazelnut cream.

Below you’ll find a visual tutorial on how to pipe and fill your Paris-Brest. Find the Paris-Brest recipe and more tips for making pâte à choux in our 2019 March/April issue!

  1. Using a permanent marker and a 3-inch round cutter as a guide, draw circles on parchment. 

2. Hold tip about ¾ inch above parchment paper, and slowly pipe around drawn circle. Begin to lessen pressure on piping bag as you come to end of circle; then, stop applying pressure, letting it overlap slightly.

3. Wet your finger with water, and smooth down overlap.

4.Using a serrated knife, cut each Paris-Brest in half horizontally.

5. Pipe tall rosettes around bottom half of each Paris-Brest.

6. Cover with top half of each Paris-Brest, and press down gently.


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