How to Make Black Cocoa Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich Cookies

Our cover star for July/August is an epic homemade version of the classic Oreo cookie from your childhood. How do we make it look so picture perfect? Follow these few simple guidelines below. Get the recipe in our July/August issue! 

  1. Use Black Cocoa
    Black Cocoa is the Ultra-Dutch processed secret to Oreo cookies and our own Black Cocoa Sandwich Cookies (hence the name). It’s pitch black cast and intense cocoa flavor will immediately call to mind your favorite milk-dunking cookie.
  2. Roll Your Dough Thin
    In our recipe, we call for you to roll out your dough an 1/8thof an inch thick. This sounds simple enough, but this dough can be very sticky and hard to maneuver. In order to roll it out thin enough and punch out perfect rounds, we did several things. First, we used parchment paper or, if you have one, a silicon baking mat to roll out the dough onto. Once we began cutting out the dough, we removed the scraps, rather than picking up the punched out cookie rounds. Then we placed the silicon baking mat or parchment paper directly on the baking sheet to bake. If your dough has softened to the extent that it is difficult pick up the scraps, pop your dough in the freezer for ten minutes or the refrigerator for twenty minutes. Your dough will firm back up and make it easy to remove the scraps. 

  3. Use a Fluted 3 to 3½ Inch Cookie Cutter
    Those iconic cog-like ridges that run along your oreo cookie are easy to duplicate if you use a cookie cutter with a small, fluted edge.

  4. Pipe Your Vanilla Bean Filling
    If you smear your filling in between your cookies with an offset spatula, your cookies will still be delicious. They just won’t look like an Oreo. Instead, using a small round pipe tip and icing bag, pipe your frosting onto the cookie in a neat coil. Once you sandwich the other cookie on top, you’
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  1. I’ve made these several times (because they’re incredible!!). The first few times I just measured the flour into measuring cups, and they turned out great. This last time though, I decided to weigh the flour, and then, because it looked like a LOT more than usual, I put it into my half cup measure. I scooped out 1.5 cups, but there was still nearly a cup left! I ended up making a double batch, but wow, that was wild. Wonder how they’ll taste compared to the other batches made with, evidently, not nearly enough flour!

  2. I once made a Hazelnut Espresso Truffle sandwich cookie that was about as much work as these. Thin wafers, milk chocolate filling and a dark chocolate drizzle once the cookies were put together. I can’t wait to jump into these.


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