Master Instagram Sensation Lauren Ko’s Piecrust Design

lauren ko
Photography by Lauren Ko

One of our 2018 Baker’s Dozen and an overall smash Instagram sensation, Lauren Ko is known for turning out some of the most original piecrust designs out there. We sat her down and got her to dish on how to make one of her lovely piecrust creations: the spoke piecrust, which resembles the spoked wheel of a bicycle.

The Instagram Star LAUREN KO
Pie Artist | Seattle, Washington

Follow on Instagram: @lokokitchen

Illustration by Lara Tomlin

Lauren Ko’s high-concept pie design is the kind of viral phenomenon we can get behind. Lauren launched her pie-focused Instagram account (@lokokitchen) in late August 2017 with a modest 200 followers. Now, she is well over the 214,000 mark, and her avant-garde creations have been featured by everyone from Vogue and BuzzFeed to local Seattle news outlets. Lauren recently decided to pursue a career in pie full-time and continues to share her colorful and geometric creations on Instagram.

Lauren breaks down how to create her signature “spoke” crust design, the first “string art” inspired pie she posted, which remains her favorite to date.

STEP 1: While the filled bottom crust rests in the refrigerator, roll out dough to create the lattice. Use a ruler and a rolling pastry cutter to cut dough into thin strips. (The golden rule for pie baking is to keep everything cool at every step. Try to handle your dough minimally. If it starts to get warm, pop it back into the refrigerator.)

STEP 2: Place a round ring cutter in the center of the pie to use as a point of reference. Layer dough strips around the ring mold until the surface of the pie is covered.

STEP 3: Remove the ring mold, fill the center with more fruit, and then stick the pie in the refrigerator to chill for an hour or two before baking. Make sure it’s thoroughly chilled before you bake to ensure the design will stay intact while baking.

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