Our New Babka Obsession

New Babka Obsession
Photography by Stephen DeVries

March/April 2018 Issue In our latest March/April 2018 Issue, we introduce one of three new columns to the magazine. Starting with this issue, on the final page of the issue you’ll find a new babka recipe with our “Back Page Babka” column. Our favorite filled and braided bread recipe, the babka has quickly become a go-to for many home bakers. And now, you have the perfect resource right at your fingertips. Subscribe today to get a brand new exclusive babka recipe with every issue! 

We kick off this new column with a Strawberry Coconut Babka recipe. Slathered with strawberry jam and drizzled with a Confectioners’ Sugar Glaze, this version is perfect for spring! 

You can’t go wrong with a warm babka fresh out of the oven, so grab your loaf pan, a copy of our March/April 2018 Issue (or order online), and get ready for an epic babka baking experience. Be on the lookout for our favorite twists all year long! 

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