Recipes for Baking in Your Cast-Iron Skillet

Browned Butter and Orange Skillet Cake

Passed down from generation to generation, cast-iron skillets are an heirloom tool destined for more than just cornbread and cobblers. Our roundup of recipes includes a nutty rendition of soda bread, sweet upside-down cakes, a tropical-flavored coffee cake, and much more. Whether you opt for sweet or savory, these skillet-baked goods will have anyone feeling the well-seasoned love.

  1. Browned Butter and Orange Skillet Cake

Nutty browned butter and orange liqueur add an amazing depth of flavor to this ultra-moist skillet cake. 

Strawberry Skillet Cake

2. Strawberry Skillet Cake 

Sweet strawberries shine in this simple-yet-stunning skillet cake. It’s quick enough to bake up any day of the week, and so tasty you’ll want to eat it every day of the week. Go ahead, we won’t judge.

Coconut Skillet Cake

3. Coconut Skillet Cake 

Perfumed with coconut extract, swirled with silky whipped cream, and studded with sweetened coconut flakes, this Coconut Skillet Cake is the perfect finale to any meal. The coconut lover in your life is about to be your biggest fan.

4. Right-Side Up Pineapple Crumb Cake 

Inspired by the upside-down classic, we flipped the script on this golden beauty. A brown sugar crumb topping and warm lemon glaze pair with pineapple rings to give this moist cake a sweet caramelized flavor.

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