The Bakers Behind the Holiday Cookies Special Issue

Photography, recipe development, and styling by Amy Ho/feedfeed
Meet the fabulous people behind our Holiday Cookie Special Issue we co-produced with feedfeed. From international bloggers from Canada, Italy, and Israel to home-based Instagram stars, each of these bakers bring something special to the holiday cookie table. 


Susan Spungen Susan Spungen | The Modern Cook 
The food stylist behind sumptuous films like It’s ComplicatedJulie & Julia, and Eat, Pray, Love, Susan started her career in food as the founding Food Director at Martha Stewart Living. When she’s not making food look incredible on the big screen, she’s populating her blog, The Modern Cook, with the sophisticated and delicious entertaining recipes she’s known for.



Erin Clarkson

Erin Clarkson | Cloudy Kitchen
Kiwi-expat Erin Clarkson went from working as a geologist on an oil rig to running a cutting-edge design studio in New York with her husband. Erin brings the same kind of abstract creativity she uses in her design business to her baking blog, Cloudy Kitchen, where whimsical recipes that delight and inspire are the order of the day.



Judy Kim | The Judy LabJudy Kim
This New York City-based food stylist, recipe developer, photographer, and occasional floral designer started her career in the fashion world. Now, Judy’s keen eye for design focuses on her new culinary vision, The Judy Lab, a website full of glorious recipes and expertly styled photography that inspires both bakers and artists.



Jill Fergus | Feed the SwimmersJill Fergus
Jill Fergus’s culinary blog, Feed the Swimmers, has a simple motto: “Healthy eats. Always nutritious. Especially delicious.” With this delightful credo in her heart, Jill puts her own stamp on everything she makes by experimenting with techniques and ingredients to elevate nutritional components without compromising on flavor and texture.



Amisha Gurbani

Amisha Gurbani | The Jam Lab
Computer engineer, baker, blogger, and artisan jam maker—all proper titles for the inexhaustible woman behind The Jam Lab, Amisha Gurbani. What started as a jam business soon blossomed into a blog documenting each recipe, savory and sweet, as a new step in her journey to bring from-scratch food to the table. Exposure to the innovative atmosphere of the Bay Area keeps Amisha experimenting with new, unique flavors. Amisha’s cookies highlight flavors that are taking the baking world by storm and include matcha macarons, halva-swirled pinwheel cookies, black sesame seed-flecked madeleines, and richly spiced thandai cookies that harken back to her Mumbai roots. 

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